How To Approve Adsense Account On Blogger In 2019

approve adsense account with blogger

First we will discuss about 5 main points for to approve adsense account on blogger

  1. You should use a simple stylish looking template.
  2. Your blog should contain 800+ words 15+ posts to get approval of Adsense in blogger
  3. Your blog should contain 3 main pages privacy policy, disclaimer, contact us.
  4. Use only non copyrighted images.
  5. Don’t create categories which you won’t use because google Adsense reject website if you have empty content pages so make sure if you want to get your Adsense account approved in blogger use only categories you want to use.

Tricks I Used To Get Adsense Approval On My Blog

Make sure that you follow all of my tips

  • Your blog should be 1.5 months old before applying for adsense in blogger
  • Use only one adsense if you have adsense in every email then your adsense will be banned so make sure to use only one adsense for getting approval of adsense in blogger.
  • Make your blog mobile optimized if you have not check one of my post for optimizing
  • Tips To Optize Your Blog For Mobile SEO.
  • Use titles related to your main keyword like my main keyword for this post is approve Adsense Account On Blogger then i will create a title with this keyword and some other suitable words read more on this post which i wrote for this
  • How Do I Choose A Title For My Blog?
  • Create backlinks on website i created video on it how to create backlink in hindi
How TO Make Backlink
  • Create backlinks in limit if you won’t make in limit then your website will be penalized by google because of black hat seo.
Difference Between Black Hat & White Hat Seo In Hindi

Some Of Your Faqs I Will Answer

How Do I Get My Adsense Approved In Blogger ?

So from starting you have to work on blog to get adsense approved in blogger account. Use top level domain like .com, .in or .online. you must have 20+ awesome posts with 800words content. Share your website in social media like twitter, facebook, instagram and generate some traffic from social media this traffic will you in ranking but in getting approve adsense account with blogger. If You work on your blogger blog then you generate 1000+ organic traffic daily.

Best Theme For Adsense Account Approval On Blogger ?

Currenty I Am using paid theme in my blogger but you can start with free theme and i suggest you theme

Sora Ribbon Blogger Template | Demo | Download

how to approve adsense account with blogger

This is the theme i use for adsense account approval on blogger i always prefer this theme if you don’t have budget to buy a theme.

Is That Real That Google Adsense Give Fast Approval On .Online Domain

Yes as far as i know you can easily get approval in adsense on .online domain name in a month easily. how to approve adsense account with blogger

Conclusion: Getting adsense approve on blogger is not really easy you have work hard on it adsense is not a game if you work you can get approval otherwise use other ad networks. approve adsense account with blogger


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