Tips To Optize Your Blog For Mobile SEO

Anyone who is related to online activity and connected with people through their blogs or website are known about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how critical it is. This is the one of biggest part to be stand out unique and famous from thousands of competitors in your similar niche.

Although you should change with terms of search engines as they often improving it for better search experience. Search engine are changing their algorithms on regular basis to provide best search result to users. There is also one huge change in mobile adoption. Now days people often visit your site through their mobile device. The number of visits from mobile/tablet devices are increasing significantly. So you should also consider mobile SEO as well for you site.

Here we’re going to share some tips to optimize your blog for mobile SEO. These tips are very essential and important for every blog and site owners. If you are ignoring it you might lose a big part of visitors. So lets get a start to know about mobile SEO.

Have a Mobile Website

The first step is admitting you have a problem with the concept of a mobile site. This may seem asinine to some, and nuanced to many, but allow us to explain. Having a “mobile site” is a loaded term that has the connotation of two separate sites – a desktop version and a mobile version (m.). This was the prevailing thought for much of the mobile search infancy, and there are multiple services that will create stripped-down versions of your desktop site specifically designed for mobile devices.

Redirect Users to Correct URL

While redirecting your user make sure that they are accessing your correct URL from their mobile. Use server side redirects (301s or 302s) instead of redirect through JavaScript’s. Use the 301 redirect for mobile which is most recommending.

Optimize Embedded Videos and Images

You have to careful that your video and images are responsive for mobile. Avoid using flash in your video because it is slow on your android device. Even if you want to use flash in your video then make use of HTML5. Then you test your video to get best user experience.

Mobile Sitemaps

You can create separate XML sitemap for your mobile site and you can submit to Google and Bing. You can keep your mobile pages separate with your desktop pages. This will be beneficial for you that there is any indexation issue. You can check in Google webmaster Tools will give you the repor

Site Optimization

The most important aspect of the mobile SEO the experience of the visitors when he visits site via mobile device. Official Google Developer site also have the list of common problems that you can check below.

Irrelevant Cross-Linking: If you using redirect method then make sure you not cross link to your different visitors. If visitor visiting your site using mobile device than your interlinking should not link to desktop pages.

Slow Speed: Slow loading experience is irritating the visitors, especially those who are visiting your site from mobile devices as it charges their data networks.
Faulty Redirects: If you are redirecting user from desktop optimized site to mobile optimized site than you make sure that they aren’t landing on irrelevant or incorrect page.

Maximize Mobile Content Visibility

If you have separate mobile and web version of your site or blog than don’t keep them secrets as thinking that search engines might label it as duplicate content and penalize it. One of the post suggest from Search Engine Media suggest that you should not hide the mobile site content if you have to different site with same content in terms of desktop version and mobile version of the site. The best practice is to make clear to search engine that you have mobile site for mobile users so the search engines can return to it when they think its a relevant.

The fact of the matter is people have turned to mobile devices as a primary mode of accessing information online, and the better equipped you are as a business to market to a mobile audience right now, the greater the return on the mobile optimization investment.


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