How Do I Choose A Title For My Blog?

If you choose a name for your blog, you should follow three simple rules:

1) The name should describe your blog: For sure, you have heard the saying “Meet on clothes, and see off the mind.” In our case the role of “clothes” plays the name of the blog. The purpose of the title is to give a short, clear and clear idea (create an image) in the user’s mind about what your blog can be useful to him. So when you look at the name of your blog (for example, through search), it will be able to get this view, then most likely he’ll visit it.

2) The name should be easy to remember: Suppose your blog tells you about vegetables, recipes and preparations for the winter. Calling the blog “All about vegetables, conservation and preparations for the winter”, you will give quite exhaustive and easy to remember information. Remember “Brevity is the sister of talent.”

3) The name should be equivalent to a domain name: This rule is most often ignored. One of the reasons is the difficulty in finding a suitable and yet unregistered domain name. In some, it takes a lot of time and effort. Others simply do not attach much importance to this. As a result, the blog gets a domain name based on the name of the favorite dish, the name of the hero of the computer game or film, abstract concepts, nicknames, etc. Why is it important to consider? You’ll most likely agree that a lot of potential readers will visit the blog through cross-references. But on the link they read only the name of the blog. Afterwards, in order to be on your resource again, you will need to dial the required domain name in the address bar. But it needs to be remembered. And in this, your blog already has an advantage. What? You have made sure that the user is easier to remember this cherished domain name. You left a hint, left in the memory of potential readers of the association name and domain name. Therefore, if the domain name does not match the title, then there is a risk of losing some of the readers. And what they’re looking for will probably find somewhere else.


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